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思科Storage Networking 642

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  1.Drag the TCP/IP configuration command on the left to the appropriate result on the right.


思科Storage Networking 642


  Drag and drop question. Drag the items to the proper locations.

  Correct Answers:


思科Storage Networking 642


  2.Drag Drop question


思科Storage Networking 642


  Drag and drop question. Drag the items to the proper locations.

  Correct Answers:


思科Storage Networking 642


  3.Which of these Cisco Fabric Manager debugging tools can compare the current configuration with a previously saved configuration file?

  A: Switch Health Analysis

  B: Fabric Configuration Analysis

  C: End-to-End Connectivity Analysis

  D: Zone Merge Analysis

  Correct Answers: B

  4.Fabric merge failures are typically caused by which three configuration errors? (Choose three.)

  A:unique domain IDs

  B:VSAN missing from one switch

  C:incompatibility in the active zone databases

  D:connecting ports incorrectly configured as TE

  E:incorrect VSAN allow list on ISL

  F:preferred domain IDs

  Correct Answers: B, C, E

  5.You have been asked to convert three existing ISLs into a PortChannel as nondisruptively as possible. Which approach will best accomplish this?


思科Storage Networking 642


  A: Place all three ISLs into a PortChannel, because PortChannel creation is a nondisruptive operation.

  B: Convert the ISLs into an EISL and then place them into a PortChannel.

  C: Place one link into a single-link PortChannel and then add the other two links to the PortChannel.

  D: Ensure that the VSAN allowed lists on both ends of each link are identically configured, then create the three-link PortChannel.

  Correct Answers: C

  6.Your company has a multiswitch fabric including Switch A and Switch B. An administrator of Switch A creates the following zoneset and successfully activates it:

  zoneset name ZoneSet1 vsan 1

  zone name Zone1 vsan 1

  pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6

  pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:bb

  Later in the day a second administrator creates the following zone set on Switch B:

  zoneset name ZoneSet2 vsan 1

  zone name Zone1 vsan 1

  pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6

  pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:aa

  What happens when the administrator of Switch B attempts to activate ZoneSet2?

  A: ZoneSet2 becomes the active zoneset for both Switches A and B.

  B: The fabric segments and ZoneSet2 become the active zoneset for Switch B only.

  C: The fabric segments and ZoneSet 2 become the active zoneset for Switch A only.

  D: The fabric segments and ZoneSet 1 remain the active zone set for Switch B, while ZoneSet 2 becomes the active zoneset for Switch A.

  Correct Answers: A

  7.Reference the exhibit.

  Given the output from the show command in the exhibit, what does the error message indicate is wrong with the configuration?


思科Storage Networking 642


  A: Trunk mode has been administratively set to E instead of TE.

  B: The port needs a shut/noshut to become active.

  C: The port has been incorrectly left in VSAN 1.

  D: The trunk needs configured VSANs allowed on both sides.

  Correct Answers: D

  8.Your Cisco MDS director has 224 Fibre Channel ports and two power supplies running with 110 VAC. Which of the following may occur if one power supply fails?

  A: The switch shuts down immediately.

  B: Insufficient power is available to operate all modules, so some will be shut down.

  C: The standby supervisor shuts down.

  D: The switch shuts down after a five-minute grace period.

  Correct Answers: B

  9.Which three CLI commands can be used to view remaining buffer-to-buffer credits? (Choose three.)

  A:show interface fc x/y

  B:show interface fc x/y brief

  C:show interface fc x/y counters

  D:show interface fc x/y bbcredit

  E:show interface fc x/y flow-control

  Correct Answers: A, C, D

  10.Which troubleshooting tool uses RDL and helps isolate problem points across trunking-enabled EISL and ISL ports?


  B: FC Ping

  C: traceroute


  Correct Answers: B




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