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Nortel 920

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  1.Click the Task button. A customer wants to install the MCS 5100 3.0 software load for a four-server configuration. The pre-software installation prerequisites have been met. All the necessary servers and network equipment is installed and connected. To install the software on the servers using a parallel installation, in what order should the servers be installed?


Nortel 920


  Drag and drop question. Drag the items to the proper locations.

  Correct Answers:


Nortel 920


  2.During the installation of an MCS 5100 3.0 system, a customer wants to configure the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Media Portal server using the System Management Console. What is the correct type of server to select from the Configuration Menu to add the RTP Media Portal server?

  A: BPS Server

  B: Media Server

  C: General Server

  D: Audio Codes Gateway

  Correct Answers: C

  3.In an MCS 5100 3.0 system, when provisioning with the SIP Provisioning Client, when is the Class of Service (COS) selected?

  A: when adding a Domain

  B: when assigning Services

  C: when modifying a Sub Domain

  D: when adding a Foreign Domain

  Correct Answers: C

  4.You are installing and configuring an MCS 5100 3.0 eight-server system. From the System Management Console hierarchy tree, you want to add a secondary accounting component. To which server will you add the Accounting Module (Small) component?

  A: DBSvr

  B: AcctSvr

  C: MgmtSvr

  D: AcctMgr2

  Correct Answers: D

  5.A customer is attempting to deploy and start the Sysmgr initial load on their new MCS 5100 3.0 system. When prompted to select a management load they chose the load name [mgmtsvr_all_ims_3.0_build1234] . But the installation was unsuccessful: an Out-of-Memory error was received. What could be the issue?

  A: The amount of installed RAM is insufficient.

  B: The size of the installed hard drive is insufficient.

  C: The amount of configured virtual memory is insufficient.

  D: The incorrect load was selected; select the load containing the word 'small'.

  Correct Answers: D

  6.You are supporting an MCS 5100 3.0 system. A user with a Multimedia PC client reports an intermittent deadlock issue. Which log file on the user's PC should you review for information required to troubleshoot this issue?

  A: Logs.txt

  B: Sync.txt

  C: Systeminfo.txt

  D: SIPMessages.txt

  Correct Answers: B

  7.A new user has just been provisioned on an MCS 5100 3.0 system and will use the Multimedia PC Client and a headset to make calls from their desktop PC. However, after the user logs into the PC Client, the user is unable to make calls because the "Make a Call" function is NOT available on their Multimedia PC Client. What is the cause of the issue, and how can it be resolved?

  A: The user has been created without being assigned a service package. Assign an appropriate service package to the user.

  B: The user's service package does NOT allow originating calls. Change the user's service package to one that allows originating calls.

  C: The user's service package has defined the user as a converged user. Change the user's service package to a non-converged one.

  D: The user has NOT successfully logged onto the Multimedia PC Client. Verify the userid and password, and have the user log onto the Multimedia PC Client.

  Correct Answers: C

  8.A customer has decided to install a second IP Client Manager (IPCM) to provide redundancy on their MCS 5100 3.0 system. Using the System Management Console, how should you configure the pair of IPCMs so that they provide redundancy to a group of IP Phone users?

  A: Create an IPCM Cluster for each of the IPCMs.

  B: Configure the IPCMs to the same IPCM Cluster.

  C: Configure the IPCMs so that they use the same service logical IP address.

  D: Define the IP addresses of the redundant IPCMs to the SIP Application Module.

  Correct Answers: B

  9.Click the exhibit button. An MCS 5100 3.0 four-server system is being installed and the IP Client Manager (IPCM) is being configured. After completing the configuration, the alarm IPCM 701 (IPCM ID not found) is received on the System Management Console. All IP addresses have been correctly assigned to the MCS 5100 server interfaces, and the TCP/IP switched network is connected and functioning properly. What is the cause of the alarm?


Nortel 920


  A: The IPCM CANNOT find a matching IPCM ID in the Database.

  B: The IPCM CANNOT find a Domain ID in the IPCM configuration.

  C: The IPCM CANNOT find the Database Server at the IP address specified in the IPCM ID.

  D: The IPCM CANNOT find the SIP Application Server at the IP address specified in the IPCM ID.

  Correct Answers: A

  10.When using the SIP Provisioning Client, what can prevent a customer from adding services to a service package for their end users?

  A: Nothing. Service Packages are fixed when first deployed.

  B: The end users right-to-use privilege for this service is disabled.

  C: The service is unavailable within the service package's domain.

  D: The SIP Provisioning Client is the wrong interface for adding services.

  Correct Answers: C


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