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CompTIA Linux+ xk0

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  1.A user wants to install an external CDROM drive onto a system. Which interface should be used?


CompTIA Linux+ xk0


  Hotspot question. Click on the correct location or locations in the exhibit.

  Correct Answers:


CompTIA Linux+ xk0


  2.When a user installs his new Linux desktop computer, what port would he use to connect a CAT5 cable to establish a connection on the network?


CompTIA Linux+ xk0


  Hotspot question. Click on the correct location or locations in the exhibit.

  Correct Answers:


CompTIA Linux+ xk0


  3.The root user types "echo $PATH" and sees the following output: .


  Which part of this path is considered to be a security risk?

  A: .

  B: /sbin

  C: /usr/src

  D: /usr/X11R6/bin

  Correct Answers: A

  4.Using which of the following commands creates a risk of destroying data on a mounted file system?

  A: fsck

  B: mkfs

  C: mount

  D: setserial

  Correct Answers: A

  5.What are the full paths to the general log files that can be accessed to find out how a system is running?

  A: /var/log/messages



  B: /etc/bootlog.log



  C: /usr/local/install.log



  D: /var/spool/logs/messages



  Correct Answers: A

  6.Why is "netstat -nr" used in substitution of the route command when a network connection is not functioning correctly?

  A: "netstat -nr" displays the routing table without performing reverse name lookup.

  B: route requests the network driver for data, but "netstat -nr" will display the kernel's routing table.

  C: The route can be used if the network is functional. The "netstat -nr" displays only the local machine address.

  D: route will attempt to contact and verify the connection to each host in the routing table using ping. If the network fails, route will stop responding.

  Correct Answers: A

  7.Click the exhibit button below to view the information needed for this question.

  Based on the exhibit, in what type of I/O bus should the card shown be used?


CompTIA Linux+ xk0


  A: PCI

  B: ISA


  D: MicroChannel

  Correct Answers: A

  8.Which of the following is the most dangerous command to run as root at the root prompt?

  A: df *

  B: fsck

  C: rm -rf *

  D: umount -a

  Correct Answers: C

  9.A customer has installed a new hard drive on a Linux system. What would be the order of tasks to allow her to put her MP3 collection on the new drive?

  A: fsck,mount,mkfs

  B: mount,mkfs,chkfs

  C: cfdisk,mkfs,mount

  D: mkfs,mount,fschk,cp

  Correct Answers: C

  10.Based on best practices, where is the best location to maintain documentation of work performed on Linux servers at a site?

  A: In a binder in the server room

  B: Off-site at a different facility

  C: In a text file kept on a Linux file server

  D: In a text file on the local machine where the changes were made

  Correct Answers: A




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